4 On-Page SEO Tips For Arab Bloggers

On-page SEO doesn’t have to be hard. Many Arab Bloggers should at least take consideration on Optimizing each post they publish especially if they were using a platform like WordPress.

As we all know with all the 200+ signals in Google Algorithm, Google Spiders/Crawlers or Whatever you want to call them are still a machine! So to effectively optimize your pages for search engines, you have to let or show the search engines know what you want to rank high for. And in This post We will show you the 4 On-Page SEO Tips:

    Optimize Your Title

A lot of Bloggers overlook their title tags, while the Title Tag is the most important On-Page Factor in my honest opinion. And one of the Tips that We say to our clients that The Title Tag is not for your Readers but its actually for SEO. Optimize it, but the Keyword you want to rank for, make it Short! and to the Point.

    Internal Linking

Using internal links, will let the search engines know what your other content talking about! This is done using anchor text. If you ever used YSE(Yahoo Site Explorer) Or Other link analysis tools you’ ll see internal links are included in you link profile. And they are included because they are important!!

    Have a Search Engine Friendly URL

There are many benefits of having an SEF Url to your post, first it tells the Search Engines what your webpage is about, and your URL will include the keywords that you want to rank.
We Will give here couple of Bad URL Examples
  • example.com/?p=23
  • example.com/page-number-id.html
  • example.com/newsarticle.aspx?id=234345

Here Are some Optimize SEF URls:

  • example.com/seo-tips.html
  • example.com/search-engine-optimization/seo-tips/

Bonus: If you are using Custom CMS, Do not capitalize letter like –> (example.com/SEO-Tips/ ) try to unify your URL structure, you might loose some link juice when people start linking to your non capitalized URLS.

    Content Is King

Try to Focus on your content, while writing your post, just keep SEO in Mind, try to often mention couple of times your Keywords that you want to rank for. and One of the ways that you can Focus on your content is by using Special Text. Special Text is when you make the Text Bold, Italic, Bigger Font, all these will show the Search Engines that those keywords are important.
Thanks for reading!

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