Google Maps Showing Japanese In English Maps Listings

On November 11 2010, Barry Schwartz  from, has brought to our attention that one of the Google Maps users asked why the University of California San Diego Google Maps listing show in Chinese characters?(See Picture Below)

google chinese google maps

One of the reasons that was circulating in the Google Maps help that the University didn’t Claim their listing, so anybody can change the title of University’s Google Place.

So LebSEO Design started to investigate this issue with local maps around the middle east, and we found similar Japanese/Chinese titles For hotels chains and others (see map below)

japanese title in google maps

You can see here the title is モーヴェンピック リゾート which is Movenpick Resort, written in Japanese, and these occurences happened on a owner verified Google Place and non Owner Verified listing. So is It a Bug?

For the time being, we will wait from Google to release an explanation, on the other hand, are you experiencing similar occurrences ?

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