Yahoo! Clues, A New Keyword Research Tool

Couple of Days ago, Yahoo has annouced a new keyword research tool, named Yahoo! Clues.

This tool that shows you information for only the most popular queries (comparable to Google Trends!). Yahoo! said the tool is updated hourly. The tool shows you demographic data, such as gender and age, income levels, geographic location and related keywords.

Below is a screen shot of the two search term “Beirut” and ” Beirut Lebanon” in the past 30 days.

Yahoo Clues search over time

This shot shows the Demographic of people searching this terms break down by age and gender

Yahoo clues demographic

and The most Unique feature in this tool is the Search Flow is shows the most probable previous and next user searches:

yahoo clues search flow

For more definitions on the functions of Yahoo! Clues and Data watch this Video

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