6 Tips on How to Negotiate Effectively with your Client

Now and then, we find ourselves in a position where we have to negotiate with a client. It may involve the pricing of a contract, the scope of work, the resolution of a problem or a simple price adjustment for some additional work. Ideally, a successful negotiation should lead to an outcome that is acceptable… learn more

How to Determine Where you Should Focus your Marketing

These days, there’s a great deal of focus on organic search results in the Google SERPs, at least in the West. In much of Asia, more effort may be place on ranking with Baidu, while central and eastern Europe is normally more focused on Yandex. In North America, Bing and Yahoo are players to be… learn more

How to Use Tags Properly to Reference Other Sources

Sometimes it’s necessary or desirable to refer to a source when we mention it on a site’s page. For this purpose, we have the <cite> tag. It’s handy for attribution purposes, but it also helps the search engines gain a better understanding of what your page is about. W3C describes the <cite> tag as a… learn more

How to Create and Use .htaccess

First of all, having an .htaccess file isn’t required in order for your site to function properly. However, it can be extremely useful, as it can perform a number of functions in a relatively simple fashion. Your .htaccess file will be a standard ASCII .txt file, built in a text editor such as Notepad (do… learn more

How to Build a robots.txt File

First, let’s define what a robots.txt file is and why you might want to use one. This file is known as the Standard for Robot Exclusion. It’s just a text file located in a site’s root directory, which gives instructions to all bots visiting your site, restricting their access to certain areas. Of course, that… learn more

How to Expand your Reach to Stay Ahead of your Competition

Any online business that doesn’t monitor its competition is at risk of being left behind in the search rankings. It’s much easier to stay in the lead than it is to catch up to the leader, so your business strategy should include these two crucial elements: [list type=”check4″] Maintain your lead for those search terms… learn more

How to Profile your Readers for Optimal Engagement – Retro Style

 There are a few different ways to build a typical profile of your blog readers. If you have deep pockets, you can pay for a demographic study. For big brands, this may be the most reliable way to know exactly who your target market is, but for most small businesses, the cost may not be… learn more

Which Semantic Markup Will You Choose?

Perhaps the first question should be, why bother to use semantic markup at all? What’s to be gained? There are three major benefits to using semantic markup: [list type=”info”] Provide a great deal of information to the search engines, which will allow them to better determine your relevance to a search query; Provide more information… learn more

How NOT to Build Links

I’m not going to tell you how to go about building links – this is more about your link profile. Specifically, it’s about some things to watch out for, so you don’t find yourself with a link profile that’s getting you the sort of attention that nobody wants. Since Penguin was first released in April… learn more

How to Determine if a Link is Potentially Toxic

With Google’s Penguin algorithm slapping sites right and left, it’s a good idea to know how to detect incoming links that could harm your standings in the search engine giant’s eyes. And your life will get a lot more complicated if you wait until after your rankings plummet, rather than finding problem links yourself, first…. learn more