How to Really Measure your Social Media Reach

There’s a relatively new service out there, that’s getting less attention than it deserves… it’s called Bottlenose. And it brings a lot to the table, if you want to know how your social media efforts are working out. I know… there are a lot of social media measurement tools out there. Some of them offer… learn more

How to Run a Simple A/B Test on your Site’s Sales Funnel

An A/B test is simply a test to see how your market responds to two different approaches.  You may be testing different content, colors, graphics… it doesn’t matter. The key is to find which of two different versions is most effective. When you’re looking at many different features, you can run what’s called a multivariate… learn more

How to Make your Site Appear in Local AND Organic SERPs

Apparently, there’s still a fair amount of confusion surrounding the difference between local search and organic, as originally, there was some undefined overlap. There have been tons of posts published, offering how-to instructions and explaining the difference, but some conflicted with others and some were just plain wrong. Most pointed out the benefits to be… learn more

How to Evaluate a site’s Condition and Effectiveness

There’s been a lot talk lately about how to check your site to make sure there aren’t any problems that could cause a penalty or loss in rankings. When I check out a website, it’s often after something bad has already happened, so in those instances, I’m usually looking for something very specific. That often… learn more

How to Analyze your Cost per Facebook Fan in the Arab World

Any business using Facebook to grow its following will need to determine the costs incurred in achieving fans. There are two main factors that affect the cost per fan: niche and locale. Niche It should be obvious that different niches will involve different costs in the development of a following. Just as is the case… learn more

How to Select Effective Keywords for your Adwords Campaign

Many people have had poor experiences when using Adwords to promote their business, for a variety of reasons. Most often, the problem stems from poor trigger keyword selection. There are several different matching methods used in specifying keywords, and selecting the proper method is crucial to maximizing your ROI (return on investment). Here is a… learn more

How to Markup your Videos Using

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that for some time now, videos have been a great way to attract and hold visitors to a site. But to attract visitors, you need to have visibility, and rich snippets showing a thumbnail of your video are a very effective way of convincing users to click through to… learn more

How to Ensure your Content Strategy Doesn’t Hold you Back

There are a lot of considerations to be dealt with when putting together an effective business website. Will you use an open source CMS platform such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, or will you code it from scratch? What will be the site’s architecture, what sort of image of the business do you want to… learn more

How to Establish your Brand as an Authority

One of the most effective methods of increasing business opportunities is to be recognized as an authority in your field. This is typically a gradual process and absolutely must be a subtle one. By that, I mean that the perception of you and your business or brand as the go-to forreliable information must be the… learn more

How to Use Responsive Web Design to Serve your Mobile Users

As smartphones  began to appear in increasing numbers, many webmasters suddenly found themselves with an otherwise fantastic website that some users couldn’t easily  use. Mobile users didn’t appreciate being forced to scroll continuously in order to read a page or view an image in tiny morsels. As more and more of their market shifted to… learn more