How to create a LinkedIn Company Profile

To get Started First 1.go to 2. Enter basic information about your company, like its description, number of employees,  industry it operates in, year it was founded and most important your Website link :D. 3. Follow LinkedIn’s wizard for creating your company profile – you’ll be able to add a logo, locations, and a… learn more

Confirmed! Twitter and Facebook Influence SEO!!

Danny Sullivan a Contributor at Search Engine Land has interviewed over the phone and threw emails with Bing and Google Respectively. He posted the results of his interview ” What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count? ” and i highly suggest everyone to read it, Because in my opinion is a must read!!… learn more

Middle East Companies monitor your Brand!

Many Middle East companies, including in the gulf region may overlook their online reputation. Nowadays with the explosion of Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, foursquare and others, has provide every company in the world a mean to track, monitor and respond and its is a great way to keep an eye on the conversations… learn more