In-House SEO Training

Many of the technical and marketing aspects of optimizing your website are best performed by professionals who specialize in those tasks. But your in-house staff, and by extension, your business,  can still benefit greatly by in-house SEO training. Being familiar with the various optimization techniques used to make your site more effective will allow your team to deliver better results.

Our Digital Marketing & In House SEO Training is provided for the Middle East And North Africa Market (English And Arabic ): From Dubai, Beirut, Amman, Cairo and Doha.

How can in-house training help your team be more effective?

  • By teaching them the things that can help and hurt your site’s effectiveness in the search engines.
  • By teaching them how to implement the necessary solutions.
  • By showing them how to monitor and measure the success of SEO/Social Media/Email (GA, SiteCatalyst, Woopra).

Your IT staff

A solid working knowledge of the administrative aspects of site management that can affect your website, both beneficially and adversely, can make a tremendous difference in the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. Even seemingly insignificant issues that have no impact on the functionality of your site can cause your site to drop in its search ranking, create penalties or even cause it to disappear entirely from the view of users.

Your Developer Staff

A site must be properly optimized for both users and search engines, in order to be effective. Usability, accessibility and page-load speed are just three of many criteria that a developer needs to consider, before marketing considerations even enter into the equation. Site architecture and navigation are other critical elements that can help or hinder your marketing efforts. A developer that is aware of these criteria builds better sites that deliver better results.

Your Marketing Staff

Many will say that marketing is marketing, regardless of the channel, but online marketing has other considerations beyond those that will convert a prospect into a customer. Being familiar with the nuances of online marketing can help your marketing team achieve a higher conversion rate and a lower cost per sale.

Your Copywriting Staff

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the person that’s most familiar with your product is the best qualified to provide your web copy. Knowing the product doesn’t necessarily translate to being an effective communicator in a manner your readers will identify with. And even a very talented writer can generate otherwise excellent text that will do nothing for your bottom line.

– – – What our Training Entails – – –

We can train your in-house staff to better understand the ever-changing issues faced, because we spend a lot of our time staying abreast, and even ahead, of the factors that can affect your website. Our process is quite simple: We sit with each of your team segments and address the problems and solutions that affect their ability to impact your bottom line;

  • 1) We follow a curriculum which is customized to fit your operation and hierarchy;
  • 2) We assess their ability to move forward in implementing any necessary solutions;
  • 3) We provide you an evaluation of your team’s preparedness after the training is completed.
  • 4) The cost of our in-house SEO training varies, in accordance with the scale of your staff and the nature of your business. We’d love an opportunity to give you a cost proposal, after a few brief questions. If you’d like us to help your staff help you, contact us and we’ll get back to you promptly to discuss it in more detail.