How to Run a Simple A/B Test on your Site’s Sales Funnel

An A/B test is simply a test to see how your market responds to two different approaches.  You may be testing different content, colors, graphics… it doesn’t matter. The key is to find which of two different versions is most effective. When you’re looking at many different features, you can run what’s called a multivariate… learn more

A/B Testing: See What Works Best

It can be difficult to work with a site that is already built and receiving traffic.  It can often seem impossible to know if the site is fully optimized for ease of visitor navigation, nor what moves could be made to make the site better.  After all, once a web page is up, most webmasters… learn more

Integrate Rankings in your Google Analytics Report

This post is Inspired by “How to Add Google Rankings to Google Analytics” post launched on June 6, 2011 by Robert Enriquez, Founder of Search Exchange (an internet marketing conference in Charlotte, NC). So let’s start by doing a Google Search for the Keyword “Lebanon Web Design” you will get the the top 10 listings… learn more