Security of your Social Media Profile Data

When you mention security to a site owner, their first thought normally won’t be of their social media profile data. It’s more often the thought of site security – protection against hacking, malware, even spam. Expanding the conversation a little, the dangers of clicking on links and downloading files is bound to come up. A… learn more

Google Search Market Share drops to 65%, Bing up 30%

Hitwise has published it latest data on Search Market share on April 11, 2011.             This time Bing jumped 5%  month over month and Google has Declined 3% . So it will leave Google at 65% and Bing reach 30% of the Search market share.

Google +1 Welcome to the Social “Liking” Game

Google Has announced a new way to share and recommend results straight from Google Search and Search Ads(Adwords). its Called “+1” (Plus one).     it will be slowly rolling out in English on If you can’t wait, sign in to your Google account and go to experimental search site. Initially, +1’s will appear… learn more

New Google Analytics Interface!

Two weeks ago, Google has announced a face lift for their analytics program, Google Analytics. and its not just a face lift, they added some cool and exciting features too: [list type=”bullet2″] Google Analytics API Auto User Interface refresh Custom reports generation advanced segmentation Adding motion charts and better integration between Adsense and Analytics [/list]… learn more

12 Days of GoogleMas

Google Webmaster Help Channel On youtube, and Matt Cutts put together a 12 Days of Googlemas Carol for all to listen and watch on YouTube. As posted on SEL these are the lyrics: On the 12th day of Googlemas my Googlebot gave to me… 12 optimized titles, 11 local listings, 10 Sitemaps submitted, 9… learn more

Google Global Market Finder a New Adwords Tool

Google blogs announced a new tool to help advertisers expand their business internationally. The Google Global Market Finder To use the tool, spell keywords that key your services and single out a market or region you’d like to analysis. It’s possible to pick and choose from regions such as the Europe, the Middle East Economies,… learn more

Confirmed! Twitter and Facebook Influence SEO!!

Danny Sullivan a Contributor at Search Engine Land has interviewed over the phone and threw emails with Bing and Google Respectively. He posted the results of his interview ” What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count? ” and i highly suggest everyone to read it, Because in my opinion is a must read!!… learn more

Arabic SEO, World’s Fastest Growing Online Market

Recent studies shows that Arabic speaking internet users has the fastest and notable growth online.  So, do you have products or services servicing the international markets? Picture Credit: Wikipedia Expanding your business into Arabic speaking markets with Arabic SEO will let you reach millions of customers situated in several geographic areas. With61 million Arabic Internet… learn more

Google Maps Showing Japanese In English Maps Listings

On November 11 2010, Barry Schwartz  from, has brought to our attention that one of the Google Maps users asked why the University of California San Diego Google Maps listing show in Chinese characters?(See Picture Below) One of the reasons that was circulating in the Google Maps help that the University didn’t Claim their… learn more

Yahoo! Clues, A New Keyword Research Tool

Couple of Days ago, Yahoo has annouced a new keyword research tool, named Yahoo! Clues. This tool that shows you information for only the most popular queries (comparable to Google Trends!). Yahoo! said the tool is updated hourly. The tool shows you demographic data, such as gender and age, income levels, geographic location and related… learn more