The Beginners’ Guide to A/B Testing

Imagine you had one clever tool which could send your conversion rate soaring, banish your high bounce rate and win you more click-throughs than you knew what to do with. It might sound like some kind of crazy online Swiss Army knife, but this tool happens to exist – and its name is A/B testing…. learn more

How to Profile your Readers for Optimal Engagement – Retro Style

 There are a few different ways to build a typical profile of your blog readers. If you have deep pockets, you can pay for a demographic study. For big brands, this may be the most reliable way to know exactly who your target market is, but for most small businesses, the cost may not be… learn more

How to Ensure your Content Strategy Doesn’t Hold you Back

There are a lot of considerations to be dealt with when putting together an effective business website. Will you use an open source CMS platform such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, or will you code it from scratch? What will be the site’s architecture, what sort of image of the business do you want to… learn more