MingleWing Vs. Pinterest

Since Pinterest has become all the rage lately I decided to investigate other social photo sharing sites around the net. During this research I came across Minglewing. Being a good Internet marketer I had to test the site for any SEO benefits.

About Minglewing

Minglewing can be considered the red-headed stepchild to Pinterest in regards to social photo sites. It looks as if Minglewing launched sometime in January 2012. The site is currently ranked as the 44,221st most popular site in the United States and 172,363rd globally (Alexa). Compete is estimating that the site receives around 6,700 unique visitors a month (we know that Competes stats can be way off). So this site is fairly new and does not receive a whole lot of traffic to it.

Minglewing vs Pinterest

Since the two social photo sharing sites are quite similar, let’s compare them.

  • I found that Minglewing is a bit more optimized for search engines than Pinterest. On Pinterest, the best SEO benefit comes from the “Boards” you create. For Minglewing the benefit comes from the individual posts you create.
  • Pinterest allows for individual as well as company accounts on their site. Since Minglewing only gives you the option to signup via Facebook, this limits companies from creating accounts.
  • Pinterest creates an account profile page that you can optimize. Minglewing creates an account page, but you can not add any additional content to the page. Even though, I am seeing Minglewing’s account pages showing up a lot higher in the search engine results than Pinterest currently.
  • Pinterest has “Boards”, Minglewing has “Wings”
  • They both allow for DoFollow links.
  • Pinterest allows you to upload an image or submit an URL as the source of the image. With Minglewing you have to paste the page URL in order for the images from that page to show up in their list of images to add to your post. There is no option to upload an image.
  • Pinterest does not allow for a Pin title. This causes some SEO issues as the actual Pin page title is a combination of the Board Name / Description. So the Pinterest page title can be extremely long and not properly optimized for your targeted keywords. Mingelwing allows you to craft your own title for the post which they use as the page title.
  • Pinterest has a 500 character limit for the image description. Minglewing easily surpasses this, but I have not tested their limitation. So if you wanted to write a blog post/article you could.

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